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I have a narrow washing machine that is only 24″ wide; will this work with the ØVIB Washer Stand?

The ØVIB Washer stand is designed for use under standard width (27″) washing machines weighing at least 240 lbs.

How do I properly load a washing machine to minimize vibration?

On a front-loading washing machine, the most common mistake is to pack the clothes too tightly when loading the machine.

I can still hear my washing machine even though I’m using the Washer Stand; why is this?

The ØVIB Washer Stand is designed to reduce the vibration transmitted into the surrounding structure, and is not intended to reduce noise emanating from the machine itself.

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Our front loading washer and dryer are on the second floor of a well-built 1938 house, right over the dining room chandalier. When the washer spun, the chandalier played a symphony! I tried the rubber pads, but they didn\’t do much. These stands (I got both so there would be a set) do the job. They are not inexpensive but they work. I recommend them.